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Berthold Laufer (1874-1934)
In 1904, objects collected by Berthold Laufer during an expedition to China were installed in the Southwest Gallery (Chinese Hall) on the third floor of the museum. The three year expedition (1901-1904) was funded by Mr. Jacob H. Schiff and carried out under the auspices of the East Asiatic Committee. The exhibition illustrated the industrial and domestic life of the Chinese, their amusements, their religion, and their arts. It consisted of the following sections:

EAST SIDE - ceramics

NORTH SIDE - objects illustrating the daily life of the people, their industries, and the products of their labor

SOUTH SIDE - archaeology (ancient bronze and pottery), art (drawing and painting), music, inlaid work, cloisonné, lacquerware, wood, ivory and stone carving, religion

WEST SIDE - theatrical paraphernalia, popular shows and amusements, games and toys, money in its commercial aspect, harness and transportation, matting and cordage, various industries, articles of food, means of lighting, basketry

AT THE ENTRANCE - stone carvings and metal drums

IN FRONT OF THE TOWER - in the flat case, writing and printing.

Laufer's guide to the Southwest Gallery (Chinese Hall) was never published. The guide is heavily edited by Laufer and still in galley form.

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