An Asian Bestiary | Pig/Boar
Catalog No: 70.3/ 492
Tough, strong and aggressive, the Wild Boar as depicted in this carved wooden Japanese netsuke reflects the wild ancestor of its counterpart the domestic pig (Sus scrofa domestic)– docile and content with happiness. Pigs and boars are animals associated with the zodiac and individuals born in a year of the Wooden Pig are characterized by strong conviction.
Catalog No: 70.3/ 3481
This Zhenzhi or paperweight is made of jade and would have been used to hold down the thin and light Chinese art paper used for brushing calligraphy or Chinese painting. This weight, in the shape of a pig, might have been given to commemorate the year of the pig in a the twelve year cycle of the lunar calendar or used by a painter or calligrapher who had been born in the year of the pig.
Catalog No: 70.3/ 5698 L
Traditional Mid-Autumn toys in Vietnam introduce children to important cultural symbols and ideals. This pig figure, made by Hoang Ba Phat, age 75 and a toy maker since the age of 10, represents one of the 12 animals of the East Asian zodiac. In the sexagenary cycle, every twelfth year corresponds to Hai, and is commonly called "the Year of the Pig."
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