Mexico & Central America Virtual Hall
Culture Area
The Hall of Mexico & Central America at the American Museum of Natural History presents an anthropological overview of pre-Columbian cultures of the region. The virtual hall complements the existing hall by providing visitors and researchers with digital images and detailed information of over 1,400 artifacts displayed in the hall and by presenting new information about these pre-Columbian cultures gleaned from research conducted since the hall's opening in 1970.
This project is a collaboration between the Division of Anthropology and Exhibition Department of the American Museum of Natural History.
Curator of the Mexico & Central America Hall: Dr. Charles S. Spencer, [email protected]
Text written by: Dr. Christina M. Elson
Research assistants:
• Ananda Cohen, Graduate Center-City University of New York
• Michelle Collins, Vanderbilt University
• Adam Levine, Dartmouth College
• Cristina Montagna, Hunter College
We gratefully acknowledge:
• Google Maps for permission to use the maps of Mexico and Central America.
• Natasha Johnson, National Museum of the American Indian, for providing information about Marshall Saville.

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