An Asian Bestiary

MASK. Catalog No: 70.2/6517

A bestiary is a compendium of animals with a description of how the compilers understand them. Our Asian bestiary describes some of the ways a range of animals have been engaged and imagined in different Asian cultures. Notes were written by Columbia University M.A. students in Dr. Laurel Kendall's Exhibiting Cultures G6353y, Spring 2013, Spring 2014, and Spring 2015 courses who were asked to select an animal and explore its broad cultural possibilities. Explored in this way the bestiary becomes a virtual exhibit.
Participants in this project included Khalifa Alkhalifa, Cecile Anger, Meghan Bill, Sewon Christina Chung, Ellen Coon, Allison Cutler, Katelyn Michelle Doran, Lesleyanne Evelyn Drake, Jingwen Gu, Mennatallah Khalil, Joshua Scott Levine, Peter Macfarlane, Yujie Li, Aaron Novak, RJ Pettersen, Sara Ray, Abby Rebekah Sosin, Hillary Anne Symes, Kaitlin Elizabeth Vaughan, Anne Martinez Vieyra, Mengpan Xu, Nancy Yates, and Julia Joseph, who continued research on the whale festival during an AMNH Division of Anthropology Internship.
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